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Pitching to Spunt.

Spunt. articles cover a variety of subjects that aim to help our audience understand the world around them. From politics, to sports our pieces try to provide a fresh take on a topic that is clear, in-depth to quench genuine curiosity. 

Authors outside the Spunt. team have already had their chance to give a voice to their view on our platform, and so can you. We are also giving space to upcoming photographers and illustrators who wish to exhibit their work in tandem with one of our stories.


What we are looking for is a short description of the story you would like to pitch. Our aim is to give space to fresh perspectives on different topics, therefore a unique angle is important. We would like to understand why is the story important to cover, and the sources behind this take.

Working Together

Once we view your description, we will contact you and discuss the story to make sure it represents the views of the Spunt. team. We appreciate all pitches and will try to respond to everyone. Once we decide to work with you we will let you, the author, work on your piece according to the agreed parameters. We think it is important to provide our audience with clear, thoughtful stories. This is a responsibility Spunt.'s team will always keep at heart. 

Before publishing the story, we will provide an edited draft. We’ll appropriately credit you and other contributors should you wish not to remain anonymous

Is there a topic you wish to discuss or a collaboration you wish to pursue? Contact Us

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