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The authors

Barely a few hours had passed since we began uploading our content when questions were asked about who we are, who funds us, or if we are someone’s or some political party’s mouthpiece. We believe that these questions are legitimate. How can you trust something proudly calling itself independent, when you can’t see the brains behind it?


When we set out on this project, we had a long internal conversation about whether to remain anonymous or not. We are a group of friends who are not nor have ever been in the public eye. As such, we would prefer to remain anonymous, at least for the time being. We fully accept that this might cost us credibility with some of our viewers and readers, at least initially, but that is a price we’re willing to pay.


We hope that we do show through our content that we are indeed unbiased and unaffiliated with any political organisation. You're very welcome to double-check our sources, which we clearly display in our stories.


It may be the case that our identity is revealed at some point in the future, by choice or otherwise. Malta is, after all, a small country, and anyone determined and resourceful enough might discover who we are. However, we would rather have discerning eyes focused on our content, as opposed to our identity.

Why are we doing this?


We are a group of friends whose backgrounds and political leanings are diverse. Our professional backgrounds are also diverse, though none of us is involved in the creation of articles and/or videos for a living.


These stories are the fruit of numerous real conversations and debates we've had amongst ourselves. Despite our political differences, we’ve always managed to maintain a civilised debate, and lament the fact that such courteous discussion seems to be increasingly rare in local (and international) political discourse. We hope that, through Spunt, we do our own modest bit to help address this.

We have no other agenda for Spunt other than what is described above. Our main motivation for doing it is simply that we enjoy doing it.

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